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The Wish List Project is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. EIN 46-2697277

The Wish List Project is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. EIN 46-2697277

homeless youthMatthew, 18, is a senior in high school and a homeless teen in need of assistance. Despite his circumstances, Matthew is a straight A student and held a full time job at night until recently when his grades began to suffer. He found a new job closer to school but with fewer hours. This allows him to be more focused on school, but also makes it challenging to care for himself, keep himself safe, and pay for the things he needs. Matthew enjoys basketball and reading. His favorite book is Night by Elie Wiesel. His volunteer experience includes tutoring students at the local middle school. Matthew plans to attend CSU Sacramento as a Criminal Justice major. He'd like to go into law enforcement after that.

Matthew needs transportation assistance as well as funding for senior year activities like his senior prom.

Please help Matthew focus on school so he may attend college and create a better future for himself.


sketch of eyeBriana, 14, is a 9th grader who enjoys art, music and football. She has four older siblings and a pitbull dog named Eva. Her favorite movie is Stand By Me and her favorite colors are red and gold. Briana says she is good at art, but not so good at reading and spelling. She plans to work on these areas. Drawing and being creative makes Briana happy and brings out the confidence she lacks in other areas of her education. When she graduates from high school, she is planning on pursuing a career in the art field. 

Please help Briana in acquiring art supplies so that she may continue to develop her skills, confidence and enthusiasm for school.



boy sketching 

Miguel, 17, is a junior in high school who enjoys art and playing video games. He has two siblings and his favorite subjects are math and art. Miguel works part time after school, and in his spare time, he draws on anything he can find.  Art is his passion and he'd like to take more classes when he graduates to develop his skills further.  

Please help Miguel get a complete sketching set with a sketch book so that he can create a portfolio of his own work to use when he applies for higher level classes.



model car

Johnnie, 17, is an 11th grader who loves old cars, drawing and watching action movies. He also likes to help people, especially his younger brother. Due to family circumstances, Johnnie has challenges around getting to school regularly. Missing so much school has put him behind. 

Please help Johnnie improve his attendance, by providing him with art supplies and a model car that he can use to practice his sketching skills during free time at school. This incentive may help Johnnie get to school on a regular basis, which will ultimately improve his overall grades. 



journal writing


Elham, 15, is a 9th grader who would like to attend college. He loves soccer, art, dancing and music. Elham is working on his English language skills and also feels he needs to get better at math and writing. He draws at home and at school every day. Adding drawings to his schoolwork, helps him convey his meaning more clearly. Elham would like a writing journal and a sketch book so he can improve his language and art skills.

Please help Elham improve his art and language skills, so he may continue to work toward his goal of attending college. 



rsz student receiving tutoring wikimedia commonsChristian, 10, is a fifth grader who loves playing video games, watching You Tube videos and hanging out with friends. He describes himself as being good at football, but not so good at math. He is in need of math tutoring.

Last year, Christian was behind two grade levels in math and was able to receive free afterschool tutoring through his school. He was able to move up a full grade level, he gained more confidence and learned to enjoy math much more because of that help.

This year, the program is no longer available to Christian, and he continues to struggle in math. His "Big Brother" mentor has requested that Christian receive funds to access a private tutoring program sure to keep him headed in the right direction.

Please help strengthen Christian’s math skills and help him continue to build confidence so he can reach his goal of one day attending college.


car schematicMarco, 17, is a senior in high school. He loves fast cars, drawing, soccer and playing video games. His goal is to be trained to become an auto mechanic. Marco is working on his English language skills and wants to get better at writing as well. He enjoys building things and working with his hands. 

Marco would like a set of mechanical pencils and a sketch book to practice drawing schematics of car engines.

Please help Marco reach his goal of becoming an auto mechanic.  


sports booksGermaine, 15, is a freshman in high school who loves basketball. He dreams of being drafted into the NBA. Germaine also enjoys drawing. He struggles with most school subjects especially reading.

Please help Germaine improve his reading and art skills by providing him a set of reading books about sports heroes. A stronger interest in reading can ultimately lead to improvement in all school subjects. 


rsz piano practice handsMark, 13, is an eighth grader who loves music, art (especially digital art) and most creative things. He has two siblings and four pets, and he just happens to have autism. His favorite book is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, and his favorite color is blue. Mark is musically inclined and has taught himself to play piano, however, he would very much like to receive piano lessons to improve his skills.  Music gives Mark self-confidence and may very well lead to a college scholarship down the road.

Please help Mark improve upon his musical talent as well as build confidence and self-esteem, so that he may one day achieve his goal of attending college.




Victor, 14, is a 9th grader who dreams of going to college and becoming an artist. He has four siblings and his favorite food is hot dogs. Pokemon is his favorite thing to draw. Victor draws everyday. It helps him relax when he's feeling anxious. Victor would like real art supplies and sketch books so he can get better at drawing. 

Please help Victor improve his art skills, so he may continue to work toward his goal of becoming an artist.



set of markers

Haroon, 14, is a 9th grader whose family immigrated to the U.S. from Afghanistan. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball and video games like most young boys, as well as drawing colorful pictures. Haroon has worked hard to learn to read and write in English, and he would like to develop his creative side too.

Please help Haroon improve his artistic skills by providing him a sketch pad and a set of professional colored markers. 


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